Research Exchange Program Between USA and India

Most of the student dream to study abroad, Research exchange program gives an opportunity to the candidates to do research in the different countries in their specific research field.

Students can complete their Ph.D. at their institute while doing research at a partner institute. You are eligible for this after completing the masters from the institute. This program is meant for top students with an unstoppable yearning for research.

Various Indian universities have now established various research program with the USA. In this, candidates can study there for a limited period of the program. Candidate needs to pay a fee to their own institute rather than the partner institute at USA. If your university is not a part of a research exchange program, then you can directly apply for this in USA university if possible.

Check the list of research exchange program between the USA and India below.


Fulbright Program

It is one of the prestigious scholarships in the world. It is an American scholarship program for students, teacher, professionals, scientists and artists.

Under this program, US candidates are eligible for research and study in India and same applies for Indian students.

Fulbright program offers about 100 American students to study in India. It works in all the disciplines except clinical medical research involving patient contact.

Fulbright exchange program is coordinated by Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of U.S. department. This program operates in over 160 countries in the world.

More than 3,60,00 people have participated in this program since it began and it will continue.

Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF)

IUSSTF is established to provide an opportunity to exchange the ideas in the field of science, technology, engineering, biomedical research. This is established under the agreement between the government of USA and India.

This organization has no. of private institutes in both countries. It also offers travel grants to the US citizens to attend events in India.

The science and engineering board (department of science and technology), Govt. of India and Winstep forward have partnered to support an exchange program between the USA and India.

The program is named as an S.N. Bose Scholarship program in the honor of Satyendra Nath Bose.

American Institute of Indian Studies

It provides junior research fellowship, senior log, short-term fellowship, Performing and Creative Arts Fellowships. Approximately 35 fellowships are awarded each year. 

The research project disciplines include anthropology, ethnomusicology, history, political science, religious studies, and urban planning.

Applicants get selected for the research program through the selection committee. Every year 40 US citizens are sent to India for research.


Raman Research fellowship

This fellowship gives an excellent opportunity to the young Indian researchers to work with a new research method in the USA. This is the invitation to Indian CSIR scientists who are working in high priority areas.

During the fellowship, the candidate is called as a “Raman Research Fellow”. The fellowship tenure will be three to nine months. The selection is done through the interview taken by DG- CSIR.

The nominee should have been accepted by a US university/scientific/technological/ research institution.

Candidate who will be a part of raman research fellow after clearing the csir net jrf will get travel grand up to 30,000 or 50% of the air fare.Clear the exam by joining csir net coaching.

National Institutes of Health/Fogarty International Center

The vision is to take the health technology to the next level with the support of facilitating global health research. This is the only arm of National Institutes of Health.

There are only three programs which are especially for India i.e. prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, Maternal and Child Health and Human Development Research and Vaccine Action Program.


Research exchange program is an excellent program to improve themselves in their research field and work with a different kind of people in a different country. International studies help the candidates to broaden their skills. A student who want to develop a different perspective, it is beneficial for them.aa
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